Clavicula Salomonis Hebracorum Regis translata in latinum idioma ex Claviculae Salomonis, , by Luppius;; Clavis Salomonis et thesaurus etc. CLAVICULA SALOMONIS REGIS. Reworked, Written and inspired from the original manuscript by Michael W. Ford. Illustrated by Elda Isela Ford. The Luciferian. to both the Key of Solomon and the Lesser Key of Solomon, alternatively known respectively in Latin as Clavis Salomonis and Clavicula Salomonis Regis) .

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Concerning the Images of the Night.

In conclusion I will only mention, for the benefit of non-Hebraists, that Hebrew is written from right to left, and that from the consonantal nature of the Hebrew Alphabet, it will require fewer letters than in English to express the same word. If in the course of the experiment it be necessary to write anything, it should be done as is described in the chapters pertaining thereto, with the proper pen, paper, and ink, or blood.

Mathers gives the names in Hebrew characters. Figure 21, from M The sovereign equivalents are the divine names referred thereto. The first of these tables is found in the Zecorbeni manuscript bound with Ad. Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven So M and Aub24; Ad. In editing this volume I have omitted one or two experiments partaking largely of black magic, and which had evidently been derived from the two goetic works mentioned above; I must further caution the practical worker against the use of blood; the prayer, the pentacle, and the perfumes, rightly used, are sufficient; and the former verges dangerously on the evil path.

Since Mathers’ edition was published, many more manuscripts have been uncovered, including the following: Grant, O Lord, that we may become responsive unto thy grace, so that through it we may have a full confidence in and knowledge of thee, and that the spirits may discover themselves here in our presence, and that those which are gentle and peaceable may come unto us, so that they may be obedient unto thy commands, through thee, O most holy ADONAI, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and whose empire endureth unto the ages of the ages.

Figure 13, from M The one on fol. Mathers’ version of the drawing uses both crosses and Taus.

This aforesaid place should be pure, clean, safe from interruption or disturbance, and proper to the work, as we shall hereafter show. Of the water, and of the hyssop The phrase “and may the blessing of God BUD Clavicula Salomonis. The pentacles are labelled with the appropriate colors. Let him after this re-enter and close the circle. The manuscript presented here provides numerous diagrams and occult seals not found anywhere else.


Waite relied on it primarily in his Book of Ceremonial Magicand translated some passages ergis. Of the Blessing salomoniss the Salt.

The Key of Solomon (Clavicula Salomonis) edited by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers

Take notice 10 and observe carefully that this last conjuration is of so great importance and efficacy, that even if the spirits were bound with chains of iron and fire, or shut up in some strong place, or retained by an oath, they could not even then delay to come. Figure 49, from Sl. Though containing similar matter to the others, the arrangement is utterly different; being all in one book, and not even divided into chapters.

British Library Oriental MS. The which being said and done, thou shalt see them draw near and approach from all parts. Mentioned by Waite in BCMp.

The four cardinal directions are also noted — “settentrione, mezzogiorno, oriente, occident” North, South, East, West. This is also the name of the angel of Venus.


Written by John Aubrey who noted: In which I humbly confess that I have sinned, and recognise myself as being in the sight of God the most criminal of all men.

Mathers follows Sl, K, and H in reading “Almiras”. O God, the Father, all powerful and all merciful, who hast created all things, who knowest and conceivest them universally, and to whom nothing is hidden, nothing is impossible; I entreat thy grace for me and for thy servants, because thou seest and knowest well that we perform not this work to tempt thy strength and thy power as if in doubt thereof, but rather that we may know and understand the truth of all hidden things.

This time the variation of the name is Tozgrec. For love, grace, and invisibility, the Moon should be in a fiery sign, viz.: Note that each experiment or magical operation should be performed under the planet, and usually in the hour, which refers to the same. Of the light, and of the fire. Abraham Colornoa Jewish engineer of Mantua fl.

But the hour of inception is the hour of Mercury. It is evident that the manuscript he was copying from preserved an earlier orthography, since he frequently preserves and is occasionally even seen to correct the older forms: But the words of the Key are as follows, divided into two books, and shown in order.


Share on Pinterest Share. I conjure ye anew, and I powerfully urge ye, O Demons, in whatsoever part of the world ye may be, so that ye shall be unable to remain in air, fire, water, earth, or salomojis any part of the universe, or in any pleasant place which may attract ye; but that ye come salpmonis to accomplish our desire, and all things that we salomomis from your obedience.

Then revis is certain that they will come, even if they be bound with chains of fire, unless prevented by affairs of the very greatest importance, but in this latter case they will send ambassadors and messengers by whom thou shalt easily and surely learn what occupies the spirits and what they are about.

Extracts have also been made from Lansdowne MSS. Inspired by the Song of Solomon. After having said all these words devoutly, let the master arise, and place his hands upon the pentacles, and let one of the companions hold the book open before the master, who, raising his eyes to Heaven, and turning unto the four quarters of the Universe, shall say: Both front and rear inner covers retis the Book of the Key of Solomon bear these panels tooled in blind and gilt, symbolising the doors, and doors within doors, of Ezekiels vision of the Temple of Solomon restored.

Gollancz: Mafteah Shelomoh / Clavicula Salomonis

And then on his bended knees, stretching his hands to heaven, he said: Similarly on these days and hours thou canst operate to bring either good or bad rwgis to buildings; to have familiar spirits attend thee in sleep; to cause good or ill success in business, possessions, goods, seeds, fruits, and similar things, in order to acquire learning; to bring destruction and to give death, and to sow hatred and discord.

British Library Sloane MS. Save me, and direct me by thy holy name, thou to whom nothing is difficult, nothing is impossible; and deliver me from the night of mine ignorance, and enable me to go forth therefrom.

It also regularly replaces “Amen” with “Ainsi soit-il”. As a colportage, this compact printed edition and its reprint by Blocquel ca.