Perhaps no other papal document more eloquently articulates the importance of catechesis in our time and how to undertake it than Catechesi Tradendae. Pastoral Liturgy Catechesi Tradendae, “On Catechesis in Our Time”, October 16, Catechesi Tradendae is Pope John Paul II’s 1st. Magisterial Documents: Catechesi Tradendae. Apostolic Exhortation on Catechesis in Our Time Pope John Paul II 16 October The full document is .

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In situations of religious plurality, the Bishops can consider it opportune or even necessary to have certain experiences of collaboration in the field of catechesis between Catholics and other Christians, complementing the normal catechesis that must in any case be given hradendae Catholics.

AAS 60 lpp.

That is why catechetical activity should be able to be carried out in favorable circumstances of time and place, and should have access to the mass media and suitable equipment, without discrimination against parents, those receiving catechesis or those trarendae it.

Catechesks 64 ccatechesis, p. Augustine is very explicit: It is an initial catechesis but not a fragmentary one, since it will have to reveal, although in an elementary way, all the principal mysteries of faith and their effects on the child’s moral and religious life.

This effort must continue. For example, it is certain that many vocations to the priesthood and religious life have their origin during a well-imparted catechesis in infancy and adolescence. Teaching Through His Life as a Whole 9.

Accordingly, the whole of Christ’s life was a continual teaching: How are we to enable them to know the catechessi, the import, the fundamental requirements, the law of love, the promises and the hopes of this kingdom?

Language Suited to the Service of the Credo This brief mention of ways and means of modern catechetics does not exhaust the wealth of suggestions worked out by the synod fathers.

Pope Paul VI himself had dealt with the problem in no less frank terms in the introduction to his Solemn Profession of Faith and in the apostolic exhortation marking the fifth anniversary of the close of the Second Vatican Council. As I said recently to the members of the Biblical Commission: The bishops of the synod defined catechesis as “every ecclesial activity which seeks to bring about growth in faith.

A Fruitful Synod 3. On the one hand, the catechesis that prepares for the sacraments is an eminent kind, and every form of catechesis necessarily leads to caechesis sacraments of faith. Directorium Catechisticum GeneraIe, 40 and Tradednae your part, priests, here you have a field in which you are the immediate assistants of your Bishops.

It aims to introduce people to catechesie person of Jesus Christ. But it should also lead you to take on in your diocese, in accordance with catecjesis plans of the episcopal conference to which you belong, the chief management of catechesis, while at the same time surrounding yourselves with competent and trustworthy assistants. Far from blunting or exhausting them, the fact of knowing them better should make them even more challenging and decisive for one’s life.


Catecbesis have in mind devotions practiced by the faithful in certain regions with moving fervor and purity of intention, even if the faith underlying them needs to be purified or rectified in many aspects.

Catechesi Tradendae – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

Continual Balanced Renewal It is a catechesis that gives meaning to the sacraments, but at the same time it receives from the experience of the sacraments a living dimension that keeps it from remaining merely doctrinal, and it communicates to the child the joy of being a witness to Christ in ordinary life. The ministry of catechesis draws ever fresh energy from the councils. On March 18,he approved the General Catechetical Directory prepared by the Sacred Congregation for the Clergy, a directory that is still the basic document for encouraging and guiding catechetical renewal throughout the Church.

This realization, based on the text quoted above and on many other passages of the New Testament, convinces us of two things. This is moreover an occasion for me to reaffirm my firm conviction that to show respect for the Catholic faith of the young to the extent of facilitating its education, its implantation, its consolidation, its free profession and practice would certainly be to the honor of any government, whatever be the system on which it is based or the ideology from which it draws its inspiration.

Among these various ways and means – all the Church’s activities have a catechetical dimension-catechetical works, far from losing their essential importance, acquire fresh significance.

Doctrine, Dogma, Theology and Tradition. All these are traits that distinguish a young person from his or her companions as a disciple of Jesus Christ. At a time when, in non-religious teaching in certain countries, more and more complaints are being made about the unfortunate consequences of disregarding the human faculty of memory, should we not attempt to put this faculty back into use in an intelligent and even an original way in catechesis, all the more since the celebration or “memorial” of the great events of the history of salvation require a precise knowledge of them?

Among the many prestigious sciences of man that are nowadays making immense advances, pedagogy is certainly one of the most important. The second lesson concerns the place of catechesis in the Church’s pastoral programs. Again, many pre-adolescents and adolescents who have been baptized and been given a systematic catechesis and the sacraments still remain hesitant for a long time about committing their whole lives to Jesus Christ – if, moreover, they do not attempt to avoid religious education in the name of their freedom.


What is essential is that the texts that are memorized must at the same time be taken in and gradually understood in depth, in order to become a source of Christian life on the personal level and the community level.

On the contrary, the supreme rule is that the great advances in the science of language must be capable of being placed at the service of catechesis so as to enable it really to “tell” or “communicate” to the child, the adolescent, the young people and adults of today the whole content of doctrine without distortion.

In this manner it will be able to offer these cultures the knowledge of the hidden mystery 95 and help them to bring forth from their own living tradition original expressions of Christian life, celebration and thought.

The message to the People tradfndae God rightly stressed that “routine, with its refusal to accept any change, and improvisation, with its readiness for any venture, are equally dangerous” for catechesis.

In order that these works may correspond with their aim, several conditions are essential:.

7 things I learnt from Catechesi Tradendae by JP2

At a time when it is desired that the links between religious and pastors should be accentuated and consequently the active presence of religious communities and their members in the pastoral projects of the local Churches, I wholeheartedly exhort you, whose religious consecration tradsndae make you even more readily available for the Church’s service, to prepare as well as possible for the task of catechesis according to the differing vocations of your institutes and the missions entrusted to you, and to carry this concern everywhere.

It is important for the Church to give proof today, as she has done at other periods of her history, of evangelical wisdom, courage and fidelity in seeking out and putting into operation new methods and new prospects for catechetical instruction.

Summary of Live Today Well: Admittedly, apart from the school, many other elements of life help in influencing the mentality of the young, for instance, recreation, social background tfadendae work surroundings. Throughout history, men and women religious have been deeply committed to the Church’s catechetical activity, doing particularly apposite and effective work.

Among the many difficulties, each of them a challenge for faith, I shall indicate a few in order to assist catechesis in overcoming them.

The requisite discernment could then be brought to bear on a reality that is very much alive and it could benefit from great openness among the People of God to the grace of the Lord and the directives tradende the magisterium.