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JAN 01, Author: Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna. Schedule construction as per water availability. Environmental Assessment Report No.: To manage waste, recycle materials in hill roads, but safely dispose of wastes.

MAY 31, Author: This environmental management and social framework for the India Rural Roads Project presents the Environmental Codes of Practice, developed to guide project activities so that they avoid or datashewt adverse environmental impacts. Title Document Date Report No.

NOV 08, Author: Maintain slope stability due to cutting. To achieve comprehensive community participation, social accountability systems through models such as Community Score Cards, Social Audit, etc.

Avoid using agricultural lands as borrow areas, and reclaim land after use. MAR 27, Disclosure Status: MAR 03, Author: There are currently no provisions in other rural development programs for preferential treatment of people affected by PMGSY.

FEB 08, Disclosure Status: Relocate utilities, common property resources, and as needed, cultural properties. Plant trees on roadside, and otherwise protect trees from adverse impacts. Comply with emissions standard, and maintain machinery and equipment to avoid pollution.

  ACI 306R-88 PDF

C Даташит – Datasheetcom

Incorporate environmental concerns darasheet project preparation so as to head off impacts during the construction and operation phases. For erosion control, use drainage. Provide longitudinal and cross drainage, and properly drainage outfall. The design for similar projects should build in some flexibility in the level of support required by different states in order to tailor the technical assistance program to the needs of each state.

Protect embankment slopes and rehabilitate water bodies. In addition, some ongoing works in Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh will not be complete until December 31, ; and, c undertake further capacity building activities planned for rural roads agencies.

Reallocation of funds to other categories under the Loan will help financing of institutional related work being undertaken, such as the work of technical examiners who are conducting regular quality inspections, operationalization of the maintenance management system, training of rural road engineers, and procurement of lab equipment.

FEB 26, Author: Local contractors will be provided with training in planning, technical and environmental areas, while capacity building in program management will be provided to the Ministry of Rural Development MORDparticularly in the areas of environmental, social, financial and procurement management, as well as in poverty impact assessment. Google Buzz Stumble Upon Delicious.

Procurement Plan Report No.: I cannot find the document I am looking for. Ashok Kumar Disclosure Status: Avoid using agricultural lands as borrow areas, and, whenever such may have happened, land reclamation should take effect.


dahasheet Sequence 16 English Document Type: Extension of Rural Development Program to the adversely affected. Main report English The objective of the Rural Roads Project for India is to achieve broader and more sustainable access to markets and social services by the rural population in participating districts. Nina Eeijima Disclosure Status: Reuse topsoil to re-vegetate areas, including agricultural areas. Reuse topsoil to revegetate areas and in agricultural areas.

APR 14, Author: Project Paper Report No.: Clear All [ x ]. Project Information Document Report No.: Eejima,Nina Masako Disclosure Status: Under a previous restructuring, funds that were originally allocated for use in Jharkhand were reallocated to Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Datasheet archive on 19-8-2009

MAR 10, Disclosure Status: P – Implementation Status Results Report: Data sheet English The objective of the Rural Roads Project for India is to achieve broader and more sustainable access to markets and social services by the rural population in participating districts.

See Less – Document Type: Use fly ash as building material. Provide workers with protective clothing and datasheet, and observe public safety on roads and on-site.

Disclosure Status Disclosed