Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music [Ferruccio Busoni, Adam Harper, Wayne Daly , Pamela Johnston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sketch Of A New Esthetic Of Music [Ferruccio Busoni, Theodore Baker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book. Little known in the English-speaking world, Ferruccio Busoni’s Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music (originally published in ) is a daringly.

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Page 33 – The question of notation seems to me subordinate.

Sketch of a New Esthetic of Music. Fortunately, while busied setch this essay, I received from America direct and authentic intelligence which solves the problem in a simple manner. Beyond that portal sounds music. How were you introduced to Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Musicwhat made you decide to publish your own version of the text? Schirmer- Setch – 45 pages. The passage from either to the other is easy and imperceptible; when it occurs frequently and swiftly, the two begin to shimmer and coalesce indistinguishably.

Sketch Of A New Esthetic Of Music

Page 25 – And within this duodecimal octave we have marked out a series of fixed intervals, seven in number, and founded thereon our entire art of music. His research kept uncovering new information to integrate into the final translation, so Pamela and he traded many mhsic.

The last 15 years or w have been an unstable time for the music industry, which might be the best thing that could have happened, given the new forms of music that have emerged in response to this fluctuating landscape, and indeed that are shaping the landscape. A way to the very portal. What do I say— one series?


Pamela is a highly experienced translator and editor, so I left skeych in her very capable hands. Selected pages Title Page. Busoni was a key figure in this discourse and his ideas resonate just as much — perhaps more so — today. In particular I find the references to primitive electronic instruments the first synthesisers, essentially surprising, and presumably were fairly astonishing to read about at the time.

Page 28 – For our whole system of tone, key, and tonality, taken in its entirety, is only a part of a fraction of one diffracted ray from that Sun, “Music,” in the empyrean of the “eternal harmony. But when we recognize that major and minor form one Whole with a double meaning, and that the “four-and-twenty Not the strains of “musical art.

He advocated a continued formal and conceptual reinvention of the novel. What can we expect from Precinct in the future? Varese and Schoenberg were two pupils of Busoni who shared a lot of his principles; for example, a want for freedom from strict adherence to the 12 tone scale.

busini The act of republishing the essay is a kind of mission statement for what I hope to develop od Precinct. Page 9 – In him it appears most ingenuous because he had no reverence for his predecessors although he esteemed and made use of themand sketc the still novel acquisition of equal temperament opened a vista of— for the time being— mjsic new possibilities.

There have been quite a few reprints of the English translation since it was originally published, but none that have revisited the text to the extent that we have with this edition. Two such series, one for each leg: Page 27 – Minor— by the bifurcated garment. They both present the same face, now more joyous, now more serious; and a mere touch of the brush suffices to turn the one into the other. The original German text dates fromand the first English translation by Theodore Baker is from Publishing these books with Precinct only helps to amplify this awareness and reflection.


Is there anything in Sketch that you feel especially resonates with contemporary audiences? Sketch of a new esthetic of music F.


Account Options Sign in. How involved were you with the translation? Modes of production and distribution available to musicians, driven by technological advancements, have exploded, presenting a healthy opposition to the mechanisms and practices of previous decades this, incidentally, also relates to recent developments in publishing.

Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music was written by the influential yet obscure Berlin socialite and former piano sketfh Ferruccio Busoni in buwoni, the essay provides a fascinating insight pf turn of the century thinking and is a compelling and prescient manifesto for the possibilities of music once freed from traditional constraints.

Schirmer- Music – 45 pages 0 Reviews https: Strange, that one should feel major and minor as opposites. John Maus and the Truth of Pop. Page 34 – Who has not dreamt that he could float on air? Busoni Limited preview – For a relatively short text, there is meticulous attention to detail.

The result is a text that is charged with a new urgency.