Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism. By Fernand Braudel; trans- lated by Patricia M. Ranum. Baltimore and London: The Johns Hopkins. Fernand Braudel. Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism. Translated by Patricia M. Ranum. (The Johns Hopkins Symposia in. I think mankind is more than waist-deep in daily routine. Countless inherited acts, accumulated pell-mell and repeated time after time to this.

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But although religion, and therefore culture, removed such obstacles at a relatively early date, the Church continued to oppose matters on principle, especially in the case of interest-bearing loans, which it condemned as usury. This could maybe get me to finally read Piketty’s bestseller.

Etymologically speaking, a revolution is the movement made by a rotating wheel or a revolving planet; a rapid movement, once it begins it is sure to stop rather quickly. The key word is capital.

Afterthoughts on material civilization and capitalism – Fernand Braudel – Google Books

The peripheral regions were Scotland, Ireland, and Scandinavia to the north; plus all of Europe east of a line running from Hamburg to Venice; Italy south of Rome Naples and Sicily ; and lastly beyond the Atlantic, Europeanized America, the periphery par excellence. These chains were accepted because they were efficient, making possible the massive provisioning required by the army or by large capital cities. Capitalism is still based upon exploiting inter national resources and opportunities; in other words, it exists on a world’wide scale, or at least it reaches out toward the entire world.

Should we view this swarm of village markets in India as a flaw preventing urbanism from taking hold?


By contrast, local commerce was divided up among a multitude of participants. Adam Smith lived in the midst of the first portents of this revolution, yet did not realize it. One English traveler returning from the Indies in and about to start overland from Basra matetial Constantinople did not want to deposit his money with the East India Company at Surat.

Fernand Braudel, Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism

Their ambition went hand brauel hand with patience; it was a long-term sort of ambition. Take navigation on the high seas and the skills that made it possible: I wanted to immerse myself in it and become familiar with it.

But I have met with little success. Microcosm and macrocosm, but both cut from the same cloth. Above all, what process should be blamed?

Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. During the past few decades this situation has changed; documentation on India, Japan, and Turkey has been studied systematically, and we are beginning to learn the history of these countries from sources other than the usual old travel accounts or books written by European historians. But its rise was slow and patient and its ambition was constantly afterthouyhts passed on to children and grandchildren. Present’day capital’ ism, in which monopolies reign supreme, is character’ ized by the exportation of capital.

But in the end, it was at the very summit of society that capitalism unfolded first, asserted its strength, and revealed itself. And they are surely questions with far reaching implica- tions: Japanese society is in this respect atypical, for there the process was roughly the same as in Europe: For a market town or civilkzation city, mark a dot on a sheet of paper.

Itinerant dealers who collected and assembled merchandise went to the homes of the producers.


Shops and peddlers also abounded in China; but fairs and bourses, the more intricate cogwheels of the mechanism, were lacking. And they still exist today, even in the United States. Their policy was simply to take the place of the former winners, violence being all in the game.

The historian has less trouble seeing the hows than the whys and can more clearly discern the consequences than the origins of major problems.

Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism by Fernand Braudel

I can merely evoke this deep’down history, for my sole aim here is to show how the successive, European’based world’ economies explain or fail to explain the capitalist process and its expansion. Can we forget how many times the market was diverted or distorted and prices were arbitrarily fixed by de facto or legal monopolies? But this extremely vast subject is rarely tackled in anything but bits and pieces. Incongruous questions, for homo historicus neither eats or drinks.

Countless inherited acts, accumulated pelbmell and repeated time after time to this very day, become habits that help us live, imprison us, and make decisions for us throughout our lives. But England had a means of exerting pressure: Szymon Majewski rated it liked it Jul 31, The most astonishing organization of the elemen’ tary market was surely that of China, where it was strictly, almost mathematically, based on geography.