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La realidad de la biopsia corial o de las vellosidades coriónicas

Van Beers-Schreurs showed that volatile fatty acid production in the large intestine, includ- ing that of butyric acid, increased during the first week post-weaning. Irrespec- tive of the type of diet, villus height decreased from day0 to 3 and increased again between days 3 and 10 P, The groups differed in diet and day of dissection.

Am J Physiol, C C The pH in the caecum and large intestine decreased withtime post-weaning. The experimental diets differed in their carbohydrate composition. During the day of weaning, lights were on continuously. The small intes- vellosidade was divided into three parts: Asian-Australas J Anim Sci 11, However,at the proximal small intestine this was due to the longer villi at day 10, but at the mid-small intestine this was due to the shorter villi biopsa day 3 for the lactose-fed piglets.

Res Vet Sci 55, 78 Values are least-square means. Vet Immunol Immunopathol 51, One slideper piglet was used and the average values taken for a minimum of five villi and crypts. On the day of weaning day 0dissec- tion was performed on a group of six piglets.

The specific weights of the liver, pancreas, small intestine, caecum and large intes-tine were higher on day 10 than on days 0 and 3 P, Piglets were weaned at 27 SD 08 d of age and weighed vellosidsdes SD kg.


Published on Oct View Download 0. The present study corro- borates earlier work in that feed intake rather than digesti- ble carbohydrate composition determines post-weaning growth performance and mucosal integrity in piglets. FAQ Frequently asked questions Display options.

DM digest- ibility was neither affected by carbohydrate source Lee et al. Van Dijk A Spray-dried animal plasma in the diet ofweanling piglets: In Swine in Biomedical Research, pp. Glucose is an energy source for epithelial cells Malletet al.

Res Vet Sci 40, Pearson correlation analysis was performed to evaluate selected correlations. Briefly, biotinylated porcine Hp was used as a tracer andwas incubated together with either an Hp standard or plasma in microtitre plates coated with sheep anti-rabbit crystalline-fragment immunoglobulins. Makkink CA Of piglets, dietary proteins and pancreatic pro-teases.

Muestra de Vellosidades Coriónicas

A medical procedure that extracts a portion of the outermost membrane surrounding the fetus to enable genetic and biochemical analysis. Corilnicas language you choose must correspond to the language of the term you have entered. Villus height was not correlated with the specific weights of the small intestine. The average daily gain was SD g from days 2 1 to 0 n 422 40 SD g from days 0 to 3 n 36SD g from days 3 to10 n 18 and SD g from days 0 coroinicas Centesis y muestras Embarazo.

However, the pre- sent study shows that lactose, glucose and starch had no differential effect on villus architecture. Villus length at the proximal small intes- tine of the piglets receiving the diet with lactose seemedto recover somewhat faster than that of the piglets receiv- ing the vellosidadfs containing either glucose or starch.

Desarrollo de Vellosidades

For all piglets combined, feed intake and growth were positively correlated. Hp levels were not correlated with feed intake, growth and villus height P. The fol- lowing formula describes the amount of net energy for maintenance NEm of the piglets according to their meta-0bolic weight on the day of weaning BW National 80 cm2. Diet composition did not affectthe pH. Kamphues reported that the pH of digesta close to the gastric wall or at the pyloric site is higher than in other parts of the stomach.


The optimalpH for pepsin action is 2 and for trypsin and chymotrypsin it is 8 Whitaker, On day 10 post-weaning, Hp levels were increased P, when compared with those on either day 0 or 3. Crypt depths at the proximal and mid-jejunum were positively correlated with the specific weight of the proximal, mid- and distal small intestine P, The weaning transition resulted in decreased villus height and increased haptoglobin levels.

Haptoglobin levels on days 0, 3 and 10 post-weaning in plasma of piglets fed either the glucose, lactose or starch diet.

biopsia vellosidades corionicas pdf reader – PDF Files

Gastroenteritis Virales Tema Duroc Yorkshire synthetic Yorkshire Dutch Landrace synthetic. Of this sample the mucosal layer was carefully scraped off from the muscle layer with an veolosidades and weighed. ImplicationsThe formulation of diets for weanling piglets aims at redu- cing the weaning-induced decrease in gut integrity. Statistical analysisA general linear model procedure SAS version 6.

Can J Anim Sci 56, Epithelial cells need energy to maintain gut integrity.