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I liked this book. I am happy that Robert really loved Kasie. And I wished it had. In the end, there’s a bit of a reconnect that leaves agreememt ending open for more development with Robert and Kasie, but not in a way where I thought it was unsatisfying, because they’re both having to pick up pieces of all the events that have transpired.

Abreement w Wow, what a ride. This third book picks up with Kasie arriving home after she has fled Robert’s home. But once she tastes what she is missing, she finds it harder and harder to accept her fate.

No eBook available SimonandSchuster. I simply do not want to read any further. The second book I decided to give a chance because for some reason I thought it could be redeemed. A woman can have anything if she knows how to use what God gave her. Needing power – needing to defeat others – is not who she is. The real life encounters with Robert surpassed her fantasies anyway.


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Just One Night, Part 3: Uhhh… was bindinf a sex change operation that just conveniently didn’t get mentioned? We are not Romeo and Juliet. This represents the main motif of the book. Such a sad turn of events for a series that begun with such promise.

One wild night in a Vegas hotel changed everything for Kasie. She ruminates over everything, to the point of frustration for us readers. What does it mean to be with Robert? Having said that, it does have a highly satisfying agreemenf with Robert We are not Romeo and Juliet. View all 7 comments. But is the cost of absolute power and pleasure a price Kasie can afford?

Binding Agreement: Once Again, I love the quotes you love! – Kyra Davis_ Author

It becomes apparent how safe and posh her world is. I was biting my nails! The only difference is that I’ve been running afreement my sister’s mistakes and you’ve been running from the mistakes of your parents. But when she finds out some of the things Robert has done to people around her to “assist” her along the way, thereby ruining their careers and lives, she rethinks the draw to succeed like this.


She starts a business of her own, mending some fences building up relationships with friends. Jun 20, P. Your generosity, your savagery, your romance and your pragmatism, even your ruthless ambition.

dacis Fear, expectations, and the need for approval shaped her. Just a couple of things that I was not happy with on the third installment.

Binding Agreement: Once Again, I love the quotes you love!

We do get to know Robert a little better. Nothing about this book felt tired or already done. Binding Agreement continues right where the second book leaves off. I am not a prude but girl on girl does nothing for me and found the parts when Robert and her were in the bar quite difficult to read. The characters are stronger and better for their trials and tribulations.

I have really loved every minute of it. However, days kyfa finishing this book, I thought about the characters. There was closure, good or bad, for all of Kasie’s predicaments.