(a) “Fund” means the Beedi Workers Welfare Fund formed under section 3 of the Beedi Workers. Welfare Fund Act, ;. (b) “prescribed”. The Beedi Workers Welfare Fund Act, is the Central enactment that is applicable to the entire Indian Territory including the State of. The Ministry of Labour & Employment is one of the oldest and important Ministries of the Government of India.

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Members of the State Legislatures The travelling allowance and daily allowance payable to members of the State Legislatures shall be the same as are admissible to them under the rules regulating the T. Any other information considered necessary regarding employment wages, welfare facilities allowed to the workers.

Number of workers for which it caters. Return regarding collection of cess. Provided that each Advisory Committee shall include an equal number of members representing Government, the employers and persons engaged in beedi establishments and that at least one member of such Committee shall be a woman. Dispensary buildings- a Condition of dispensary building.

Each dispensary shall provide emergency beds for treatment of simple and emergency cases at the rate of one bed for every workers subject to a minimum of two beds, one for males and one for females. Strapping adhesive 3 roller. Penicilin 1,00, unit ampoules or 4,00, wrlfare ampoules.

Centre Building- a Condition of the building. Amendment Act 47 of Statement of Objects and Reasons. Forceps Disecting plan 1 1 Provided that,- i he shall have no 19766 to sanction any Scheme, not included in the budget, if it involves expenditure exceeding Rs.

Peracine Hydrochlor or Novocain 2 per cent. Strapping adhesive 2 roller. List of Drugs, Surgical Equipments, Dressing, etc.

Bin for soiled clothes. Maternity Centres for an establishment manufacturing beedi, employ ing up to 1, workers: Number of workers for which it caters 3.


The Beedi Workers Welfare Fund Act, 1976

bewdi Hammer percussion 1 1 He may also travel by air at his discretion. The Act came into effect on February 15, The remaining of daily allowance will then be calculated at ordinary rate prescribed in column 1 of the Table at A above. Oil Olive or Oil of arachis. Date of last inspection.

Staff Acquittance Rolls-Are they in order and up to date? Dispensary catering for fubd, to 2, workers-Six rooms to be used as follows: Inspection Report of the Douche can with fittings 1 2 7.


EXTENT OF GRANT –IN –AID -Every owner of an establishment engaged in the manufacture of beedis, who maintains a welfare centre for the benefit of the workers employed in his establishment which conforms to the prescribed standard under rule 36and is funnd to inspection under rule 37be eligible to a welare which shall not exceed 50 per cent. Gloves 2 pairs 4 pairs Razor Safety with blades 2 4. One lavatory for men.

One hall of 45 square metres. QUORUM No business shall be transacted at a meeting whether it be an ordinary or emergency meeting of an Advisory Committee or the Central Advisory Committee unless at least one-third of the total number of members of the Advisory Committee or the Central Advisory Committee, as the case may be, having the right to vote are present and at least one of the members so present is the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman: VACATION OF OFFICE – A non-official member shall be deemed to have vacated his office- a if he becomes of unsound mind or is declared insolvent ; or b if he is convicted for any offence which in the opinion of the Central Government involves moral turpitude ; or c if he is absent from three consecutive meetings of the Advisory Committee or the Central Advisory Committee, as the case may be, without leave of absence from the Chairman ; or d if, in the opinion of the Central Government, it is not desirable that he should continue to be a member of the Advisory Committee or the Central Advisory Committee, as the case may be ; e in the case of a member of a State Legislature, on his ceasing to be member of such State Legislature ; f if he ceases to represent the interest for representing which he was appointed.



BUDGET 1 The annual budget as prepared by the Commissioner in consultation with the Finance Sub-Committee shall be considered by the Advisory Committee concerned each year and thereafter a copy of the budget as approved by the Advisory Committee, shall be forwarded not later than the 1st day of October each year for sanction to the Central Government which may make such alterations therein as it considers necessary before according its sanction.

Moreover, a person is supposed to be working in an industry, if that person is working in such industry directly or by an agent devoid of the fact that such person is working for remuneration for performing any task related with such industry. Are you satisfied with the working of the Maternity Centre?

Mouth gag 1 1 The former Act provided for levy as a duty of excise by way of cess at a rate not exceeding one rupee per kilogram of tobacco issued from warehouses to any person for manufacture of Beedis. Provided that where more than one Commissioner is appointed to the Committee, the Central Government may appoint any one of them to be the Vice-Chairman .