Attack of the Superzeroes. from an article by Thomas de Zengotita appearing in the December issue of Harper’s Magazine This is the. Here is our latest video for Fifi Rong’s latest single ‘Attack’. but we are happy to announce that SUPERZEROES will be released in July. Superzero. Play on Spotify Albums. Hogwash ยท Attack Of the Air Monkeys. View all on Spotify Listen to Superzero now. Listen to Superzero in full in the.

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Paul is great to have on set, he is incredibly thoughtful and has great insight into what we are doing. Before we even started filming the van we planned to use for the chase sequence failed its MOT and conked out on us. We titled it Power Originally I wanted to do all the video in camera with minimal sets and crude props and costumes. What was originally a nightmare, turned out to be a blessing in disguise, allowing us to have a fresh start.

So I decided to shoot all the footage on green screen and produce all the backgrounds on the computer and the animals via traditional animation in a similar way to my previous videos for Bovine and The Prodigy.

Literacy in the age of video games.

Had I scaled the scope back, we may have had a more successful film on our hands. In late September we will finally be starting production on Superzeroes. Article โ€” From the November issue Turn on, tune in Toward a progressive talk show. I was never a fan of Supremo and welcomed this change as it is much more fitting with the new incarnation. Well, here it is. All in all the video took four weeks to produce from start to finish. Each short took a day or two produce.

Attack of the superzeroes

Overall I was much happier with this short and is more in line with how I want to approach the further adventures of J ake, Jess, Nigel and Alex in the future. In my opinion it is the pinnacle of superhero stories in the medium of film and TV perfectly capturing Batman and the world he inhabits. He even suggested we simply call it Powerless.


I Hope you guys enjoy it and I promise it won’t be so long until our next update. If that is not your thing, please share the campaign among your friends and family. Seeing as their EP was a few months away from being complete we got a head start and filmed a crude live action version of the video with the band back in February.

Behind the scenes of Powerless – Twas the night before Christmas. Hey guys, sorry its been a while since I last updated you all. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t get the sugar glass mixture right and the bottles melted within a few hours.

Check out the indiegogo campaign for more details.

By Thomas De Zengotita. Let us know superzefoes you think. Screen Shots, original frames and sketches. After discussing ideas with the band and seeing as the song is called ‘The Artist’ we decided to go in a ‘silent film’ route.

First of all, we have finally finished working on Mercy and the Wild Sea. Here is an outtake from my th attempt to make my pitch video, enjoy.

The Councilman’s Thoughts

If you are a subscriber, please sign in. For one reason or another we never actually finished the book, all that exists is a script and rough thumbnails of the entire comic. Each team member has a distinct characteristic at their core – Brains EgonMouth PeterHeart Rayand the everyman Winston – A dynamic that has a strong influence on our very own heroes.

It was around this time we met Paul Nadinwho has since been a collaborator on nearly all of our projects. It is by no means a perfect film, we were probably a tad over ambitions with what we could produce with the resources we had. What you see in the video hasn’t really changed since its inception.


As you can see this is a project I have been working on for a long, long time and is very near and dear to my heart. Since the campaign ended I have had interest from people who still want to be part of Superzeroesso for all you awesome people we have set up a Patreon page.

To a time when we thought we could skateboard, played in crappy punk bands and failed at wooing the opposite sex. If retro side scrolling action games are your thing, then check this out. Fiction โ€” From the June issue Reframing your world. This sense of joy also translated into his art work which is sleek, clean and classical.

It was during this period that Jess evolved into Crimson Mis tthe team’s leader. The origins of Superzeroes dates all the way back to when we were just teens.

Super Zeroes 1.png

Other locations include the Station puband several car parks and cul de sacs around Sutton Coldfield. Behind the Scenes of Powerless – Business as usual.

For over 10 series and 2 movies The X-File s Flip-flopped between monster of the week and mythology centric episodes.

Article โ€” From the November issue. You are currently viewing this article as a guest.

The Powerpuff Girls (S3E7): “Jewel of the Aisle”/”Super Zeroes” / Recap – TV Tropes

Thanks for reading, Ollie. I would just like to take superzerpes opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work, from the the talent cast, dedicated crew and of course our incredibly generous backers. InMy good friend James Raynor held a successful indiegogo campaign to help fund his short film Stupernatural. Many features on this website require JavaScript.