ser ignorado en planteamientos de cierto tema; desacuerdos; realizar tareas desagradables; criticado; insultado; menospreciado; ignorado. baratadora. JÃVà FAUDO en el prologo del Diccionario cas– “^tdkmo-catÃdan ofrecà la publicacioú del pre< sente catalan-castel.

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When the position which follows is that of discovery, the date of discovery will of course be included in it, but when the position is not that of discovery, the date may be expressed by means of one of the Phrase-words Nos.

It has for convenience been called the Phrase Code, the words belonging to it being known as Phrase Words.

Full text of “Diccionario Catalan-Castellano”

AdKI 10 October 11 c ,”, l. Xot ii run ii’! I 07 86 and is reprcveiitel by the 3 Hh word in section L’07 [FAiiri. A maximum occurs March Phrase Word Discoverer Month Time 15 d. IKJ intuition is a rough approximation.

The object preceded D. Any one of these may be used for the Announcement of Discovery. M We are sure. Many suggestions have been received from Dr. For the expression of an approximate position, words 2, 3 and 4 should be given to the neare.

Thus, if the date of a position is May Now since the positiou is evidently a encuubierta rough one in which the 5th word would be ZERO, it may be assumed that the sender of the message has by accident neglected to transmit the word ZERO. The epoch of minimum is July 17, l. The epoch and period are mi! The seconds of North I’olar Distance are to occupy the: The elements are completely checked by the asercoin ; aud in order to render them unintelligible, at least two words of the six which represent them must be wrongly transmitted.


This is to be expressed in arc, to the nearest minute. It has been seen at Cordoba by Thome, Dec.

First North Polar Distance. Encuiberta the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The degrees and minutes of the Right Ascension.

In getting control-words, zero is ahvays to be counted 0. Daily motion in North Polar Distance, expressed in degrees and minutes. See page 15 encubjerta an example. Both elements and ephemeris being transmitted, either will serve to reproduce the other, should it be rendered unintelligible, while the possibility of a sufficient number of mistakes to ruin both elements and ephemeris is.

A maximum ivill occur. This is inserted in order that the receiver may know that lie has received and translated the elements correctly, and will enable him.

Full text of “Diccionario Catalan-Castellano” – Internet Archive

By a judicious use of Phrase-words, in connection with position-messages, much valuable and timely information may be transmitted in a very small number of words ; as for example: Mean Time dav beginning at Creenwich Mean Noon iii all eases, and encubierha to be given by the number of the day in the year and a decimal to two places.

The period in long. Observers are requested to look for it.

It will lit’i-iimi’ ri. O I July 0. When, as frequently occurs, the amount of the daily motion in both co-ordinates is not known, but only its general direction, the above words are to be used indicating the direction, to be followed, if the amount enubierta the daily motion is known, by a number-word expressing this amount in and ‘ ; thus: Daily motion in Right Ascension.


This pln-iisi’-worcl is to be iinmediatel. Suppose the following message to be received: Daily motion in North Polar Distance.

spanish.flt –

This light is to lie given in terms of brightness at discovery taken as unity, and is to lie expressed liy a unit and two decimal places. Msl word in section. The following control-word is one-third of the sum of the three minder-words pn- ceding encubiertaa.

Should circumstances render doubtful aserciom date of discovery, and hence the value of unity in the light scale, the light at first date of ephemeris will Vie taken as aserfion, and the three right hand digits will in this case always be Si’lill’lllbfi- i jj “lO.

Early in the desirability of improvement in the system of astronomical telegraphic communications was frequently discussed at the Saturday evening meetings of the Boston Sci- entific Society, as a result of which a code, to all intents the NUMBER CODE, was prepared by Messrs. A message, dated May 2′.