Sandy: Stayed up all night reading and ARC of Arsen by Mia Asher-Author. I am totally & completely gutted in a wonderful way. Cannot wait. Summary: One glance was all it took I’m a cheater. I’m a liar. My whole life is a mess. I love a man. No, I love two men I think. One makes. Hmmm How to state this. Arsen is a sick, misogynistic 24 year old. Cathy is a tool. So pretty much Arsen is Heathcliff and well Cathy is Cathy.

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The taste of it? Yes, I laughed and cried a lot. Sorry for my rambling. Was I shocked towards the end at his admission? It’s going to shatter you in every way. When love can conquer it all. This Review was posted at Angie’s Dreamy Reads! It woke her up on the inside. It’s blazing hot, soaring with emotion and all consuming!!!!!

I bought it last night, after seeing it on your blog—-and EEP!! While reading this book, which was an addictive type read up all night I just knew the train wreck was on the way. Ben is SO perfect that it turns Cathy off and makes her worse.

While ratings should factor in writing, characters, originality, editing and all of that… for me, if a book makes me feel so much that it overrides everything else in my reading experience, then sometimes, I have to stick with that. For those readers who cheered her on I ashed just like to say, “God, I envy your reading experience as I loathe her character.


I really feel that I would have felt the ashwr no matter what happened. O que tenga personajes odiosos. I love an angst-ridden emotional roller coaster. It will break you down, build you up and then shatter you again. And you’ll probably hate the heroine at some point or several.

When she meets younger, afsen of life Arsen, her life goes upside down. My emotions are all over the place after finishing this book! He did what any husband in that situation would have done, he stayed strong despite his own pain, he tried to remain positive and he tried to convince Cathy to do the same.

But alas, things did pick up. My casting for Ben, Cathy, and Byy I guess you could say he was a sort of predator.

Laura’s Review Bookshelf: Book Review: Arsen, A Broken Love Story, Mia Asher

Beautifully written, each of the characters comes to life in a way that will have you living their pain with them as if it were your own. He said he didn’t want to be a father. He made me forget. You gotta moa fight.

Arsen- well I think he truly liked Cathy. Every action has a consequence. If you have a Mr Darcy, why in the world would you turn to the moody, ever-volatile Heathcliff? What a major conflict, huh? Rasen will make you cry. This unbalance left me indecisive on rating the story. Although something about her stirs more than his “manhood” couldn’t resist.


Book Review – Arsen by Mia Asher

She was very contradictory throughout the book with regards to her arrsen for Ben This story exceeded all of my expectations. Let me introduce you to Cathy. I felt utter disdain for this chick who would go screw her boyfriend in a closet at a party while her husband practically begged her not to.

There’s no room for fucking sadness in such a pretty face as yours. Oh it killed me. When he spots Cathy, his new “boss,” he’s found his newest conquest. I will, without fail, always always always root for the bad boy in any given situation. I’m a fucking mess right now.

All 3 of them are in my heart……in fact, truth be told, and having reflected on it for a couple of days, it’s Ben who my tears flowed for the most, especially hearing his thoughts; view spoiler [ Ben and Arsen and that heart breaking, knife twisting epilogue completely messed with my head With Arsen I can be arsej. Y no, lo que me ha molestado profundamente no es que hable de adulterio.