Manuals and user guides for Aphex professional audio equipment. , Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom, User Manual. , Two Channel Tube Mic and. aural exciter and big bottom. optical. Instruction Manual P/N Revision 2 Released 09/01/ Manufactured by. Aphex Systems Ltd. When we originally modeled the unit, replicating its sound in both insert and aux send/return modes, we realized that each mode had its own unique sound.

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Tight, smooth, and with a bit of kick, and in most cases, sounding more natural. We apply a kind of counter gate so long as there’s content, when the decay drops farther the sustain shuts off.


I still have it but after I learned how to EQ in a 3-way triamped system I barely use it. After all, anyone with a history of shopping for audio components based on manuao and impulsive listening experiences can testify that swapping equipment for the best sound with a shifting music library can easily turn into a never-ending process.

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Installed Sound – Ideal for adding intelligibility and clarity to challenging spaces and loudspeaker placement, the Aural Exciter can deliver audio clarity under the most demanding conditions. It still sounded old, it just sounded more freshly pulled from the archive, with more vibrant dust. Vengeance is a Dish Best Served Cold Although I had agreed to take a listen to this mystery machine during several of our aphe interesting for me conversations spanning many months, the arrival of such a device did not materialize, and I moved on.

240 manual suggests higher harmonics for instruments and lower harmonics for vocals. And to throw insult on top of injury with a little bit of salt and lime, since stereo operation requires identical settings of both channels, I have to do twice as much knob turning, AND I have to take pains to make sure the aphxe are identical.

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The fact that the Aphex can inject so much of that magic at will, tailored to taste, seems to prove my point. Needless to say, my preparation was lacking. The Aural Exciter’s patented technology has been often imitated but never duplicated. Since the is meant to do identical processing with stereo content, the phase shifting would conceivably only affect the degree of depth, and from what I can tell, it’s a relatively subtle effect compared to the more drastic implementations that use all out reverb, subtle or not.


Because most people don’t have a freaking clue, let alone give a darn. Like anything else if its used to extremes it can screw the sound just as badly as the Smiley Face setting on a Grqphic EQ. But, like any tool with substantial capabilities, the Big Bottom and especially the Aural Exciter can do way too much.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – BBE i Sonic Maximizer vs Aphex Aural Exciter

I found this adjustment to require the most variation for my taste. Barry’s only reaction was gracious and good humored about that whole mess outwardly, in his own way. Monitor engineers also depend on the Aural Exciter to improve clarity and articulation of monitor and in-ear mixes on stage without having to increase volumes to dangerous levels. And on mixes, it adds power, presence and sparkle. I didn’t really like the higher harmonics settings for much of anything.

I’m saying that it makes things sound better because it’s extremely not neutral at all. Microphone output varies widely, as the input level can change dramatically simply by a vocalist or an instrument moving forward a few inches or getting particularly frisky with a high note. The only polyester pants I ever owned were made by Ben Davis. This plain English explanation doesn’t sound very beneficial to the audiophile who’s subscribed to the notion of purity in music.

To be fair, the Audio Control implementation was adjustable, so you could dial in as much or little as you wanted, and some bass freaks ahem. It was a really good article, if not a bit misplaced in consumer electronics, as it was actually talking about how the distortion spectra behaved when the distortion levels were relatively high as a result of clipping.

Otherwise burned out bass drivers, fried amps or at the very least lots of distortion result. It’s opening up my eyes, figuratively, and my ears somewhat literally, to more of what recorded audio has to, and should, offer. During this period of the song, the Aural Exciter brought the voice just a little more out of the box 240 emphasized the distortion. As a side benefit, it’s also validated my philosophy regarding playback equipment. A compressor has a threshold, or a level that if the signal exceeds, it will compress that signal by mahual ratio, say Consider, though, that perhaps that perceived speed wasn’t really all that fast, objectively speaking.


And, even though the Aphex has only been on the market for about years, the engineering has been around since the 70s in recording studios and it is just a phenomenal component to add to any rig. Deeper, aphexx resonant bass response with tighter articulation helps to extend low frequency power and spectrum without the build-up or driver-damaging tendencies of bass EQ.

The gate functions such that when signal levels falls below a certain point for any amount of time, fractions of a second, the gate will mute the signal entirely. I use 31 band EQ to level wphex voice the system then fire up the Aphex to add that extra little bit of clarity.

Secondly, it silences xphex decay of the initial transient once it falls below a set threshold, therefore making it sound tighter, more damped. The Aural Exciter is the ideal solution for breathing life into MP3s and other compressed audio files.

OK, hero might be too strong of a word. Without the benefit of a known maximum level, 240, or compressors before the input of the microphone preamplifier, overdriving a microphone preamplifier is fairly common, and for those looking for a bit more tube warmth, just a little desirable. Generally speaking, I preferred to have the mix level higher than the suggested range.

Adding EQ maunal boost selected frequencies typically results in a perceived loss of other frequencies, which are then also boosted to compensate.

The less is more rule applies here too. Let us know if we need to take aphx look at this page or fix a bug.