AmeriPlanMD Plus ($). 25*. $ $. AmeriPlan® Lifestyle Brochures ($ stair step or $ full price). 25*. $ $. The nation’s premier Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO), saving its members hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare benefits since DisClOsures TO COnsuMers.: These discount medical plans are NOT health insurance or a MediCare Prescription Drug Plan. Membership in these programs .

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Use this letter to send with a brochure to friends and family. So someone working the warm market in Florida might be able to use those. When you get a new member for the dental, health or free RX plans it is important to send out a amerip,an with your info and what to expect. You must log in to post a comment. In an uncertain economy with high unemployment, now is the time to build a second income.

The brochure we use now has all the plans in one brochure Dental and Medical with the current prices. This is also a great opportunity to insert a brochure and a few free RX cards for your members to share with others. Gain the opportunity to experience the savings and become a “product of the product. I think they are but I haven’t checked.

April 6, – AmeriPlan rolls out new member websites for dental and health program customers. The letter below with a brochure sent in the mail, to interested prospects that you have already spoken with can be a powerful closing tool when others are just using the internet. Feel free to contact me by phone and I’ll be happy to discuss this opportunity with you.

AmeriPlan® Residual Income Business Opportunity

Teal is the dark blue color right For example, they’re using ‘program’ now instead of ‘plan’ or ‘benefit. Your goal with businesses ameriplaj to make an appointment, so in person contact is very important and preferable if prospecting locally.


Working my business from home on a part-time basis gave me the freedom to “fire my boss.

Important Success Tip Please Read: By joining our team, you will be joining a dynamic group of people including insurance brokersmanagers, telemarketersformer work from home job huntersnetwork marketing success seekersetc. To take advantage of all the site’s features, become a member of the largest community of Work-At-Home Moms. Please email me at: Daily checks and full commission dental plans have contributed to the success of this program.

It automatically makes you “commission qualified” too. Make sure and add them to your tracking log and follow-up with them within 48 hours of the time they receive the information. Fortune is in the Followup.

Welcome to AmeriPlan!

Once you qualify, the monthly lease payments on your new Cadillac will be made directly to the lender by AmeriPlan. How do they do it? People will naturally want to buy their AmeriPlan benefits from you when they hear your story!

We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee to our members Here brochhre why so many people are saying YES to our support: Visit the AmeriPlan Opportunity website and learn more about working from home and becoming your own boss!

It’s worth checking with IBO support whether the brochures that are listed above are still being used in Florida the red fee schedule ones.

Use this letter to send an interested IBO Prospect more information. The old Dental ones If you’ve already joined as a member, that’s okay – some of our most successful independent business owners started as members.

The purpose of this letter is to have them pass it on brochufe a friend and for you to get referrals. If it would be worth your while, I’d be interested in the tooth IBO brochures, and what if dvd’s, and the teal and all the amediplan dental brochures Google Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Want your ad here? Make sure and send out 2 brochures with letters everyday once they come in.


Brochrue in brofhure plans entitles you to discounts for certain medical services and prescription drugs by providers who have agreed to participate in these discount plans. It happened for me and it can happen for you – with our training and support system. Then they are good to go! Wow talk about a ton of stuff! You don’t have to educate people about the importance of dental care like nutritional products, and other services.

These two options give you two compensation plans that help you build your residucal income much faster. You need to brochkre sure to get back with these people within 48 hours or less. Remember to put your IBO number on the ameripla on each brochure. Your success is my success.

Use this letter with one of the envelopes below, to mail with a dental or health brochure to prospective members who have an interest but do not immediately signup when you call. Is the high cost of quality health care getting you down?

Review the brochure details here.

Prospecting Letters

Roommates, brochuee, everyone is included! You have several options on how you can start your AmeriPlan business.

A member that uses the card and saves money will almost always tell someone else about Ameriplan. The name, address and specialty of the discount medical and prescription drug program providers in your service area are available before purchase and upon request by logging on to http: Here are some of the reasons why our AmeriPlan business opportunity is growing so brochur