All Consuming Images has 99 ratings and 13 reviews. Adrienne said: You don’t have to read much of this book to get Ewen’s point: capitalism Stuart Ewen. For prosperous townfolk of 15th century Europe, the ability to purchase an illuminated Book of Hours was a sign that one had “arrived.” Today, buying a Picasso. All Consuming Images by Stuart Ewen A provocative, compelling, and entertaining look at how the power of images dominates every aspect of our lives.

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LA was on my horizon. Just as space replaced matter in architectural design, so too did abstract systems of credit and exchange triumph alk cold cash. Being in high-tech it was probably a good book to read!

The Politics of Style in Contemporary Culture. Trivia About All Consuming Ima The book made me, yes, aware, but more feeling that marketers need to be sent to their own eweb somewhere. Recommended by Betsy, a very socially consicous friend. Motion pictures were next.

How could I have overlooked the premise of the industry I worked in and believed that I was een value to a field that coerced? The new consumer democracy, which was propelled by the mass production and marketing of stylish goods, was founded on the idea that symbols and prerogatives of elites could now be made available on a mass scale.

Increasingly, products which in the past would have been considered “durables” quickly find their way into the trashbin. But along with the putative democracy came an appeal to privilege–just about anyone could purchase furnishings that imitated luxury. Most users should sign in with their email address.

Toggle navigation Menu Reading Length. How long will this take to read? Sign In or Create an Account. It reinforces why there’s a commandment not to make any graven images. The not surprising result was the beginnings of status anxiety–a psychic state best relieved by fashioning a new self. Written in media studies lilt before there was media studies lilt. Roland Marchand; All Consuming Images: Liz Vance rated it really liked it Jan 26, Dec 18, Atuart marked it as to-read.


Ewen’s extensive quotations from primary imahes high-minded designers like Peter Behrens or simple-minded admen–speak for themselves, forming a damning indictment of those who offer a democracy of images, not a real share in decision-making, nor even in the creation of durable objects. Ewen places the notion of style within its economic and social context, arguing that larger businesses developed our current conception of style in the early twentieth century in order to sell goods beyond mere necessity.

All Consuming Images: The Politics Of Style In Contemporary Culture | Reading Length

In a society where the skinning of the visible world has become commonplace, any skin, any visual connotation, maybe drawn into service. Essential reading for culture watchers. Mike Templeton rated it really liked it Jan 18, To ask other readers questions about All Consuming Imagesplease sign up.

A provocative, compelling, and entertaining look at how the power of images dominates every aspect of our lives.

All Consuming Images

Kathy rated it really liked it May 19, It’s a comedy of sorts!!! Was Emmanuel Kant’s moral philosophy that “the means do not justify the ends” sic making me have second thoughts about my career choice? Ambitious in scope, informed by theory, this often brilliant work of social history never bogs down in jargon nor loses sight of its political and psychological dimension. Lisa rated it really liked it Aug 20, Find your reading speed by taking one of these tests or by reading this book’s description, below.


Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. At the same time, as cosuming individual lost his unique role in the workplace, he was encouraged to exercise his individuality in the marketplace. Aug 17, Carla Remy rated it liked it Shelves: Written from a thoughtful, radical perspective, this engaging work of cultural critique will also console those it implicitly condemns–they’ll stuary how good a job they’ve stuuart at manipulating our imaginations.

This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. Given cknsuming three essentials, the market in style is extraordinarily plastic–capable of being molded, of receiving form.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Why did my ethics come into play so strongly?

ALL CONSUMING IMAGES: The Politics of Style in Contemporary Culture by Stuart Ewen | Kirkus Reviews

The average reader will spend 7 hours and 9 minutes reading All Consuming Images: Citing articles via Google Scholar. Guess Based on page numbers. This should take you around hours and minutes to read! The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality 73, words.

Published March 20th all Basic Books, Inc. It might have reminded me of what I was doing as soon after reading it I drastically cut back on high-tech purchases. Bob rated it it was amazing Oct 25, Jun 05, Nyssa added it.

Style, as Ewen persuasively argues, not only becomes a means of social control–maintaining hierarchy under its different guises–but also appropriates and absorbs political discontent. Want to Read saving…. How style shapes these selves, fwen our relations to power, takes up the latter half of Ewen’s pointed survey.