A genealogy of fanaticism—unearthing its long history, before it became a tool in the Clash of Civilizations It is commonplace to hear fanaticism. Fanaticism on MR Online | There are few terms in our political vocabulary as damning as ‘fanatic’. Beyond tolerance Posted Oct 02, by Alberto Toscano. In his Fanaticism: On the Uses of an Idea, the scholar Alberto Toscano traces the history of the idea of fanaticism, a politics of passionate and unconditional.

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Besides the necessity for abstraction, enthusiasm, passion, and hatred for injustice, oppression, and exploitation are requirements to engage and sustain political struggles for liberation. Aug 02, Stas rated it liked it Shelves: Ricardo Pereira rated it liked fnaticism Apr 29, For political science heavy on philosophy nerds. Progress Publishers, Constitution, Douglas argued that the specific guarantees spelled out in the Bill of Rights have penumbras.

albertl Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. While the Other of the Protestant discourse is represented by the peasant in revolt, the Enlightenment, which is often and rightly defined in large part as a battle against religious fanaticism, suggests other, equally ambiguous figures of the fanatic.

A look at its philosophical history allows us instead to view its many facets and to initiate a critique of its rhetorical and analytical functions. Jan rated it liked it Oct 28, The tragedy was for the Blacks and the Mulattoes.

The study also shows the various meanings of fanaticism in widely different and contrasting circumstances. History Politics Religion Category: Conservative thinkers since Edmund Burke have stressed the need to base political practice on common sense, custom, and tradition against what they regarded as the misty abstractions of fanatics.


Fanaticism: On the Uses of an Idea

Hardcoverpages. Toscano locates the figure of the fanatic at the heart of modernity, even as he notes that bourgeois liberal democracy has largely constituted itself negatively against the figure of the fanatical “other” effacing the “fanatical” origins of said democracy.

It is here, at the dawn of the discourse on fanaticism, that the oppositional and biased character of the term shows itself most clearly. Toscano suggests that we view the fanatic, in both his religious and secular iterations, as the product of a blockage vis-a-via utopian energies–hopefully he’ll more fully elaborate on this notion in the second half of the monograph.

For Kant, fanaticism is always a transgression of the limits of human reason, a metaphysical delirium. Read it Forward Read it first. We could similarly say that the notion of fanaticism exists within a penumbra emanating from other important and far more precise concepts.

Fanaticism: A brief history of the concept

Many of the self-proclaimed defenders of the Enlightenment attribute the growth of political Islam as fundamentally based on a desire to put women in their places, and to restore the Caliphate and other such politico-religious fantasies.

Fanaticism, as we cannot help but notice with painful frequency, is often projected onto an enemy with which, by definition, one cannot negotiate. Toward a Unitary Theory by Lise Vogel. Azad Rahaman rated it really liked it Mar 11, Not terribly novel, but a good resume and update of the tired old chestnut: Appropriately for a psychoanalytically inflected critique of a peculiarly European? Critical spirit, the use of reason to engage in political action, is of the essence of classical Marxism.

Fanaticism by Alberto Toscano | : Books

Conner reviews How the Hippies Saved Physics: The persistence fanaticsm equating fanaticism with Islam in Enlightenment Orientalism cannot easily be set aside by arguing that Islam is simply a mask, or a case among many others of a universal pathology.


But what did this concept refer to in the midst of the violent battles of ? The idea of fanaticism as a deviant or extreme variant of an already irrational set of religious beliefs is today invoked by the West in order to demonize and psychologize any non-liberal politics. Just a moment while we sign you in to albertoo Goodreads account. Ironically, many of these supposed defenders of individual liberty support the banning of the hijab in public schools in France.

In the Philosophy of HistoryIslam appears as a triumph over Jewish particularism, the birth of a true and proper universal character. Top story Donna Murch interviewed by Sherry Wolf. Toscano shows the close association between the conservative attack on abstraction and its indictment of radical political thought.

Alnerto by Samuel Farber. It was not policy but revenge, and revenge has no place in politics.

The meaning of fanaticism | International Socialist Review

For these old slave-owners, those who burnt a little powder in the arse of a Negro, who buried him alive for insects to eat, who were well treated by Toussaint, and who, as soon as they got the chance, began their old cruelties again; for these there is no need to waste one tear or one drop of ink.

However, for Gramsci such fanaticism could never lead to a coherent and effective project of reshaping society.

May 04, Pages. Lists with This Book. Firstly, for Kant fanaticism is linked to an obsession which, although it ablerto itself to be universal, reveals itself to be particularist. William Hebblewhite rated it really liked it Jun 22,