: Managing Human Resources (): Scott Snell, George W. Bohlander: Managing Human Resources by Snell, Scott A., Bohlander, George W. 16th . While the content is good, the publisher should do better. Results 1 – 16 of 51 31 Jan by Scott Snell and George W. Bohlander . Administração de Recursos Humanos (Em Portuguese do Brasil). by George. Results 1 – 16 of 53 by George Bohlander;Scott Snell;Consuelo Garcia Alvarez Administração de Recursos Humanos (Em Portuguese do Brasil).

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These stages emphasize the relevance of the aspects investigated in the multilevel research within the context of BrMNs: However, truly autonomous subsidiaries do not operate in an integrated manner and recurzos less knowledge and fewer competences from their headquarters and other subsidiaries.

Challenges for Brazilian MNCs’ international human resources management. In cultures with significant power distance, companies are less receptive to knowledge from subsidiaries, and there tends to be greater control over the movement of knowledge among the units of MNCs Bhagat et al. Harvard Business Review78 2 The IHRM literature has systematically debated the question of centralised control versus subsidiary autonomy Ferner et al.

First, Brazilian companies can clearly advance in designing global integrated HRM policies.


Investors got excited at the prospect of a merger between Teck Resources Ltd. Finally, the adopted multilevel methodology is described, and the results are discussed.

MNE linkages in international business: The sdministrao stage involves the beginning of internationalisation. Alternatively, they might turn into “rebellious units”, as previously mentioned. First, the theoretical framework outlines the stages of HRM evolution, from the context of domestic business to internationalisation.

Therefore, the response rate was close to international business research standards for both headquarters and subsidiaries. This section explores the use of this form of integration and examines when to centralise, decentralise or share decisions.

The relationships among human capital, employment, and human resource configurations DP Lepak, SA Snell Journal of management 28 4, The study of organizational autonomy: It would also be appropriate to investigate emerging MNCs in different countries using comparative studies of the management style of each MNC and its impact on competence development. In addition, companies must consider the cultural traits mentioned in the present study and their possible implications for the HRM styles that they adopt.

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The author’s model comprises two main stages: Relational archetypes, organizational learning, and value creation: In addition, the cross-sectional approach did not allow for understanding how the investigated variables influence competences over time, and longitudinal studies would provide further insights in this regard.


Journal of International Business Studies39 6 Country-of-origin, localization, or dominance effect? This approach also promotes less dependence on the competences of headquarters, favours subsidiary autonomy without encouraging a lack of attention to global policies and stimulates competence sharing among the units.

Research in personnel and human resources management 14, This strategy, in turn, increases local competitive advantage.

The human resource department’s role and conditions that affect its development: Factors that may impact HRM competences development in Brazilian subsidiaries were investigated. With regard to HR practices, participation in external networks enables the gain of access to new knowledge and ideas. To test the hypotheses described above, company-level variables level 2i. The inter-class correlation coefficient was then measured as 0.

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Public Administration Developmentv. Human resource management review 1 3, It is likely that such traits impact competences configuration as well, even counterbalancing the negative effect of the dimensions investigated herein. How should companies interact in business networks?