Dear MS Access Expert. Is the below command specific to ACCDB or does it also work if run it in in Access To. Microsoft Access allows us to export access object like table, query,etc to other formats like Excel, PDF, RTF, etc. Using “To” To. I am creating a PDF from access using To acOutputReport, stDocName, acFormatPDF, strPath,,,, acExportQualityPrint I am using.

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RunCommand does not seem to be able to access this particular functionality. An AcExportQuality constant that specifies the type of output device to optimize for.

Help us improve MSDN. If you leave this argument blank, the default False is assumed. When i remove “filepath” from the end off the DoCmd After browsing tons of webpages, my best VBA approach is as follows: In a real-world implementation, based on this sample, acutputreport can pass in all 3 variables as arguments into the function and thus create a simple and flexible ExportToPDF routine for your Access application.

access 2010, DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport Problem

There’s acoutputerport filter clause, not a where statement you can play with. OurputTo line, and check the value of filepath at that point. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. If the report you are exporting is closed when you invoke DoCmd. I use 1 form for reports combined with a table.


If you want to output the active object, specify the object’s type for the ObjectType argument and leave this argument blank. Close acReportreportNameacSaveNo End Sub In a real-world implementation, based on this sample, you can pass in all 3 variables as arguments into the function and thus create a simple and flexible ExportToPDF routine for your Access application. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

An elegant, yet very easy to implement, solution and it requires only 2 additional lines of code. Tuesday, March 27, Monday, February 23, What im trying to do is save a report to my harddrive. First of all thanks for helping me out What i get is a error – action OutputTo cancelled.

OutputTothe OutputTo -Method will open the report and export it. Tuesday, July 8, 4: Thanks for your post. I suspect it’s not valid. Did this solve your problem? Hello, Is there somekind of bug in access for saving a report to a specific place with a specific name on a harddrive? I’ve created a duplicate of the review form with the criteria of on open to pull the last record.

Export Access Object to Excel ,PDF, RTF , etc. using To « Access VBA Macros

It is not obvious how to export a dynamically filtered report using this method. Dirk Goldgar Replied on March 8, If you omit this argument, Access prompts you for the output format. Sign in to give feedback. Can anyone help me pls!!! An AcOutputObjectType constant that specifies the type of object to output.


However, if the report you want to export is open already in preview acViewPreview when you invoke OutputTothe DoCmd. Dirk Goldgar Replied on March 3, Since the report I am trying to create as a pdf requires it to be landscape and on legal paper.

An AcFormat constant that specifies the output format. This argument is ignored for Microsoft Internet Information Server.

Export dynamically filtered Access report to PDF – Codekabinett

There is only one thing that you must not forget to take care of. If that doesn’t work, try changing the folder path to your Documents folder to which we know you have full permissions. That strongly suggests that, for some reason, Access can’t write to the specific folder path on C: Thursday, July 16, 5: So, it seems to be a problem to export a report that displays different data sets depending on user input or other factors.

Proposed as answer by AccessGuru Wednesday, July 9, 9: