The verdict ends a long ordeal of the Noida-based dentist couple who were found guilty by a Ghaziabad CBI court on November 26, and. CBI has received the judgement copy of Aarushi Talwar murder case in which the Allahabad HC mentioned that there are no enough evidence. prosecution under reference pertains to the murder of Aarushi Talwar, of the well- known Aarushi Talwar murder case, where the parents were being tried.

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Naresh Raj stated that Hemraj’s swollen private part indicated the possibility of sexual intercourse.

This article is closed for comments. The Talwars also asked for a Touch DNA test on the golf club that was allegedly used as the murder weapon. No evidence clearly shows an individual role of either Rajesh or Nupur in the crime. He was the last known outsider to see Aarushi and Hemraj alive.

Acse, unless the killer cleaned up the original murder spot, Hemraj seems to have been killed on the terrace.

To establish this motive, you need to have a presence of the two persons in the room. Tawar claim was supported by Anita Durrani. The Tamil language movie Nibunan features a plot in which a young girl and a family servant are murdered by the girl’s parents for having an affair.

There were no signs of forced entry into the apartment, and the talar grill door had been found latched from the outside in the morning. They gave the benefit of doubt to Talwars,” says Ndtv’s Alok Pandey.

The sensational media coverage, which included salacious allegations against Aarushi and the suspects, was criticized by many as a trial by media. Aarushi Talwar Murder Case: The last call made to Hemraj during his lifetime was at 8: He also stated that her vaginal orifice was “unduly large”, the mouth of her cervix was visible and the whitish discharge was confined to the vagina, when it should have spread to the “entire area”.


Retrieved 18 November Judges arrive in court, judgement to be out soon. The police suspected that Rajesh had murdered the two after finding them in an “objectionable” position, or because Rajesh’s alleged extra-marital affair had led to his blackmail by Hemraj and a confrontation with Aarushi. The police suspected that Hemraj entered Aarushi’s room in an inebriated state after consuming Scotch whisky, and tried to sexually assault her. Chronology of events in the Aarushi Talwar murder case: Gautam then called SP Mahesh Mishra, and told him that the lock needed to be broken.

Subsequently, Aarushi’s parents retired to their room, while Aarushi remained in her room. CBI closes arguments; says Talwars mislead agency”.

Breaking: Aarushi Talwar-Hemraj Double Murder: Talwars Acquitted, Mystery Continues [Read Judgment]

Talwars file protest petition. But the Talwars did not send her Hemraj’s dues after his murder. Besides, the painting was done arushi Julymore than a year after the murders, and when the apartment was vacant. Hemraj got scared and threatened to tell Aarushi’s parents about the incident. The crime scene had been “completely trampled upon”.

The slides were then kept into a steel almirah in the hospital’s laboratory. CBI suspected that her pelvic area was swabbed clean, and the pyjamas were pulled up afterwards. The judge who found them guilty four years ago said they had also destroyed evidence. CBI initially denied these allegations, but later admitted that the email ID was created for some “specific purpose” which they refused to explain. The CBI ultimately concluded that the original sample was that of Aarushi, but it had become contaminated.

He would go on long vacations ; each time, he would replace himself with a distant relative. Rashid M A In Januarythe Talwars filed a petition protesting against the CBI’s attempt to close the case. The question whether this key was that of Nupur or Hemraj was initially relevant to the investigation, as there were reports that the middle grill door had been locked from outside with a key If both the keys were inside and CBI was right, it could mean that the parents locked the door, then went inside their apartment through Hemraj’s door which they locked from inside, in order to mislead the investigators.


The formal trial began from 11 May He used it intermittently; on 12 Septemberthe police traced the phone to his residence in Bulandshaharand recovered the phone from one Jitender whom he had just sold the phone to. The CBI later stated that the dimensions of the striking surface of the golf club bearing No.

Aarushi Talwar murder case: Key evidences that caught attention

He announced that Aarudhi killed Aarushi and Hemraj to hide his extramarital affair with Anita Durrani. Rajesh Talwar put to narco-analysis test. This time, Tandon opened the terrace himself. Hemraj, Thadarai and Rajkumar were all of Nepali origin, and had been recruited through Vishnu, the ex-servant of the Talwars. According to the police, Hemraj had told some of his friends about a threat to his life.

Thadarai’s version 3 [] Rajkumar walked towards Aarushi’s room.

Noida double murder case – Wikipedia

Rajesh Talwar and Dr. She later stated that she tried pushing the outermost gate, but it did not open. Ultimately, the CBI concluded that the sample had got contaminated, but not deliberately tampered with.

Anita and Praful Durrani, another dentist couple and close family friends of the Talwars, lived in the same city. In addition, the CBI argued that an outsider would not have bothered to dress up the crime scene or hide body of Hemraj by dragging it and covering it with a cooler panel. The police later alleged that the Talwars’ domestic staff showed undue haste in cleaning Aarushi’s room. Intercourse theory takes a knock”.