View the Users Manual for the ARRIS Group model N8 ADSL2+ Router GZN8. View the PDF file for free. No joining required. Default Password, Login and IP for your Motorola N8 router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your Motorola N8 router. Get Motorola N8 Network Router User Manual. Get all Motorola manuals!.

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For Wi-Fi only, perform the following steps; a.

You can use the User Please visit www. Click to cancel the request and return to the N8 Home page. Delete the default Passphrase and change it to a password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for someone else to guess. Page 36 IP subnets are configured, routing information is displayed for each subnet.

This may have been auto-detected by the N8. When WMM is disabled, voice and video are treated the same as any other data.

Motorola N8 Default Password & Login, Manuals and Reset Instructions | RouterReset

Click the following option buttons in the Internet Protocol Properties window to select them: When WMM is disabled, voice and video are treated the same as any other data. Click the network icon or in the notification area of the desktop the lower right corner of the screen, near the system clock. If you don’t remember the password, the only way to access the N8 is to reset it following the steps below: If you need additional information about the N8, or have configuration and use questions, go to www.


If this check box is selected default settingyour N8 will use automatic rate adaptation, which tries to sync atthe fastest possible modulation. Status – System Log The system log options are: In this mode, all traffic is passed through the N8, and it does not provide routing or security features.

Motorola 2247-N8 User Manual

Use caution when changing this setting because clients not compatible with a mode will be disconnected. Click the Start menu, and then click Control Panel. Clear the box to disable the SSID. Wireless Flashing green Activity detected on the Wireless network. For rapid installation, configuration, and set up of wireless networking, use the instructions mankal the included Quick Start Guide.

For example, “cfdeabc85df2fc8” is a valid 26 character key. Verify that the connection from the N8 to the phone jack is made with the telephone gray cable included with the N8. Users Manual click to download.

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For Built-in Ethernet adapters, perform the following steps: This page provides information and statistics about the DSL connection, the configuration and identification of the N8, and the local address configuration. After you log in to the N8, the Quickstart page will appear. Insert the connector until the locking tab clicks into place.

When additional IP subnets are configured, routing information is displayed for each subnet. Network Routing TableThis section displays the destination network, subnet mask, gateway and interface name for each route assigned to the N8.

The Utilities category contains the following sub-categories, which will appear when the Utilities link is clicked in the links bar. A flashing green light indicates that no cable is attached to the DSL port or that the N8 is negotiating a connection. All Motorola Mobility LLC products are furnished under a license agreement included with the product. Links Bar Default Content The following sections and subsections describe the contents of the pages available from the links bar: Click Cancel Changes to discard the changes or Apply Changes on the current page to accept the changes.


Click the Help link any time you are unsure about a configuration option or if you need additional information before making a change to the N8. The default setting is one day. You will need to reconnect all wireless devices to the network after changing the network name SSID.

Using a whitelist or a blacklist you can limit access to the wireless network using a client’s hardware ID. The connector will only fit into the port oneway.

By default, your N8 has an IP Address of It may also be labeled with the name of a currently active or previously used wireless network. The N8 will serve DHCP addresses starting with the primary subnet and then 2247-n addresses from additional subnets in the order they wereadded.

FTP Please visit www. The default setting is manusl.

If your DSL service uses line filters, do not plug the telephone cable from the N8 into a line filter.